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Coalition Software is a small freelance software and web development company operated by Pieter van der Westhuizen. Being a relatively small company allows one to be agile, lean and the ability to adapt quickly. Coalition Software was founded in October 2007 and is passionate about developing software and creating applications that help solve everyday problems and that people would love to use. If you're tired of being bogged down by large organizations, where corporate politics and red tape get in the way, please get in touch.

Some of our products are:



Coalition Software provides a range of software development services.

Website App development

Coalition Software can help you build a custom website or web applicatin for your public facing or internal company use. We specialize in ASP.Net MVC, but can also build a Wordpress powered website for you.

Microsoft Office Development

With extensive experience in Microsoft Office, Office 365 & Exchange Web Services development, Coalition Software can build your unique Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word or PowerPoint Add-in.

Android App Development

Do you have the next killer app idea? Coalition Software can help you make it a reality

Developer Training/Assistance

Need additional staff for a project? Require architectural advice or training for your developers? With 16+ years of experience, Coalition Software can help.